Tips to get a good complexion naturally using Yubbi’s tender coconut water.


Apart from a gamut of health benefits , Yubbi’s coconut water has a host of qualities for boosting your beauty.

I am writing one of the time tested beauty benifits of Yubbi’s tender coconut water for glowing your complexion.

Skin Whitening mask with Yubbi’s tender coconut water

Make a paste of ½ tsp sandalwood , ½ tsp turmeric powder , ½  tsp cucumber juice ,  ½ tsp raw milk , 1 spoon Yubbi’s tender coconut water( add more yubbi’s coconut water if required for proper consistency of the paste) . Apply it on face and neck , after the mask dries , dampen the mask again by applying yubbi’s coconut water.

Then rub gently to remove the mask.

Apply daily for optimum results.

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Dassera special – Cook Yubbi’s tasty coconut burfi and serve love



This tender coconut water burfi looks hard , but its soft .This burfi will melt in your mouth and touch your heart. My Kids all time favourite ,she has it to her hearts content , I just love making it.
You can also try the same in 5 easy steps listed below:
Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
Makes : 6 burfis
Yubbi’s tender coconut water
Coco powder (unsweetened) – 1 tsp
Milk powder – ¼ cup (should be of a good brand for a better taste)
Melted ghee – 2tsp plus for greasing
Sugar – 1/3 cup
Pistachios/nut – 6-8 finely chopped (for garnish )
1.Mix milk powder and coco powder stir evenly in a bowl and keep aside.
2. Now take a pan add sugar and Yubbi’s tender coconut water , stir well till sugar dissolves and reaches single string consistency
3. Then add mixture of milk coco powder previously kept in bowl , after a few seconds the mixture becomes thick , if you feel a good consistency is reached , you are on the right track
4.Now transfer mixture in a greased tray/plate , level it with spoon / stapula . Then garnish will pistachios/any nuts of your choice.
5.Cut in squares/diamonds while the mix is warm.
Note: Keeps well for 4- 5 days after that refrigerate.

The Story of Witty woodpecker helping villagers

Story of woodpecker and Tender Coconut Water

Once upon a time there lived a woodpecker named Downy in a village near Kerala.Downys drumming on trees , was really annoying creating a nuisance to the entire village , tired of the woodpeckers noise , villagers started calling the woodpecker a Jackhammer with feathers .

The villagers wanted to get rid of the woodpecker due to its loud noise constantly irritating and harassing the villagers , so they complained to the village panchayat , who in turn told the woodpecker to vacate the village.
Downy , then vacated the village and started staying on a coconut tree. Once when Downy , was flying across the village , he saw a girl fruitlessly trying to fetch water from a tap. On asking the small girl , she said there was drought and scarcity of water in the village .

Downy talked to the village panchayat , and took the entire village near the coastal region of Kerala where there were many coconut trees , Downy feed the villagers with coconut water , making a cavity in the coconuts with its beak.
The villagers felt relieved with the woodpeckers brilliant idea and called the woodpecker back to stay in their village.
The villagers loved the taste of the tender coconut water . One of the villagers started putting the tender coconut water in a bottle and named it Yubbi .

Soon Yubbi was popular and these bottles started spreading across India .


Tender Coconut Water and Yoga (For all Yogis out there)

Coconut Water and Yoga



The water that comes from young, green coconuts is all the rage among natural-food enthusiasts, many of whom tote yoga mats as part of their health regimen.

Yoga classes vary from practices that emphasize breathing and seated meditation to powerful flowing practices done in a 90-degree or hotter room. In these more powerful sessions, you may sweat a great deal, which causes electrolyte depletion. Drinking coconut water can help you rehydrate and replenish these minerals naturally.

Some people describe the flavor of coconut water as fresh and clean, while others find it off-putting. If you enjoy coconut water, you can drink it whether or not you practice yoga without adding too many extra calories or sugar to your diet. An 11-ounce serving of coconut water contains just 60 calories and less than 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar. coconut water do not contain artificial colors and chemical additives, which are often present in commercial sports drinks.

Drinking coconut water doesn’t magically make you more spiritual or flexible. Many yogis choose the drink because it is natural and fits into their health-conscious lifestyle.

Use coconut water to lighten acne scars naturally!

Tender Coconut Water Benefits

Tender Coconut Water Benefits


You must have sipped coconut water several times, but have you used it on your skin? Coconut water is very beneficial for clearing out a pimple and acne scars from your face. Not only pimples and acne but coconut water when applied on the skin can also help chicken pox scars fade away.

  • Coconut water is a natural skin lightening agent and evens out the patchiness on the skin.
  • It boosts circulation on the skin allowing the skin to breathe promoting a flawless complexion.
  • The presence of cytokinins in coconut water can heal the skin and renew the skin cells.
  • It has healing antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties that can keep your skin safe from infections.
  • It is rich in antioxidants that help remove free radicals that damage the skin.

How to use?

  • Just dab a cotton ball in coconut water and apply it to affected areas.
  • Leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning with lukewarm water.

Alternatively, you can also use this pack to lighten the scars.

  • To 2 tablespoons coconut water, add one tablespoon cucumber juice.
  • Also add one teaspoon raw milk and mix well.
  • Apply the pack on the affected areas and leave it to dry for 15 minutes.
  • Follow this routine daily and see your marks fading.



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