As You Sow , So Shan’t You Reap?


Why are the Indian farmers distressed and can we help stop the increasing farmer suicide ?

A coconut farmer and his wife commited suicide by hanging to a tree in Thalekere of Turuvekare taluk district last year.

This farmer was distressed over not getting water from borewell which he had dug a few months back.

To read their full story check out this link :-
A lot of farmers like him commit suicide ! Why ?

There are several causes . Let us discuss them

• Minimum purchase fixed by the government do not reach the poorest of farmers. Adequate institutional finances are not available to the farmers.

• Many cases farmers do not own the land and have to pay lease . A significant portion of their earnings for the payment towards the lease of the land.

• The farmers are also exploited by the middleman in order to get the best price for their agricultural produce.

• Most of the schemes and subsidies announcements made by the central and state government do not reach the poor farmers.On the contrary only big landlords are benefited by those schemes.

• Due to increased in indebtedness and debt burden , even money lenders charge exorbitant interest rates . Strict measures should be taken against greedy moneylenders.


What measures can be taken to solve problems of farmers

• Farmers should cultivate multiple crops like coconuts , turmeric , pineapples , ginger , etc which would yield profitable results.

• Technological advancement should be passed down to small farmers.

• The farmers should be aware of easy and economical crops to cultivate in drought as well as other weather conditions.

• They should be aware of various schemes provided by the government and there should also be regular updates on the same.

• The Government should make crop insurance a must and see to it that the claim of the insurance is also settled.

• Improved methods of rain water harvesting and proper irrigation facilities should be provided

• Value added services like pest and disease alert applications would help the farmers to manage their crops.

Coconut farmers could take help from Coconut Development Board

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