World Asthma Day


Patients of asthma and allergies are all too familiar with doctor offices , doses of steroids , antibiotics reduce , allergy medications and sometimes even dreaded emergency room visits.
Would’nt it be amazing if there were easy-to-access , inexpensive foods that could help to reduce the severity of allergy symptoms?
There are no magic foods that can ward off asthma and allergies.Research shows that diets rich in some foods can make a difference.
So be sure to avoid foods filled with excess sugar , preservatives , food coloring and addictives as well as fried foods.
Yubbi ‘s tender coconut water does not contain a whole lot of sugar and oil , it is naturally very good for you.
Its a low fat , low calorie and low carbohydrate drink purpodedly has many promoting weight loss , controlling diabetes , it rehydrates and replenishes your electrolytes much better than other sports
Drinks or colas . It contains many good vitamins also.