How To Buy The Tastiest Of Coconut Water And Avoid The Worst !


I love coconut water! I believe there is nothing better than drinking water straight from a coconut.

Nature has created a magnificent drink that is so refreshing, slightly sweet, and keeps you hydrated in hot climates.

Did you know some brands  nastily replace this coconut water with chemical-filled Gatorade and Powerade – but there really is more to it than that.


How do you buy the healthiest coconut water and avoid the worst?


 Coconut Water taste thats deceitful

Some brands use  concentrate instead of fresh juice:

Even though it’s made from a reconstituted concentrate, some coconut water companies get away with saying their drinks contain “100% Coconut Water” that’s “All Natural”.

  They heat fresh coconut water and reduce it to a syrup because it’s cheaper for them to import this coconut water syrup, which they later add water prior to packaging.

Coconut Water that has been heated to this extent loses a significant amount of its nutrients and its beneficial enzymes don’t work anymore.

Taking water from mature coconuts: 

Young coconuts on the tree are usually green with an abundance of water in the center that is full of nutrients.

The nutrients in the water begin to seep into the meat of the coconut, and the water becomes less nutritious As they begin to age It’s essentially watered-down.

When young coconuts are picked and allowed to lie on the ground in the sun, for an extended period of time they begin to age

While older “mature” coconuts might be used to make coconut oil, coconut milk and other coconut products, the coconut water from older coconuts is often discarded because it’s lacking nutrients and doesn’t taste the same.

As the popularity in coconut water spiked recently, companies realized that they could buy up the water from mature coconuts  and could get it cheaper than young coconut water.

This is why it’s important to drink young coconut water and not get scammed into drinking the watered-down and less nutritious version.

Adding “natural flavors” or sweeteners: 

Young coconut water so refreshing and sweet so there is absolutely no need to flavor or sweeten it – unless you are trying to hide something.

So how is the taste of coconut water from the matured coconuts?

It tastes acidic, the actual taste of coconut water is hidden with natural flavors or sweetened i with sugars.

The Acidic taste, can be removed by using centrifuge system . This is practicesd by some brands.

Be careful  if you see a plain coconut water on the shelf with any natural flavors or sweeteners added it is from mature coconuts and not worth your money.

Dipping whole coconuts in formaldehyde or sodium metabisulphite: 

It’s been reported that some non-organic coconuts may be preserved for transport  by dipping them in chemicals, including formaldehyde a known carcinogen.

This can be disastrous as chemicals  can seep into the coconut meat and also poisons the water.

Some of the organic cafes avoid this by getting frozen coconut water shipped directly to them.

Several brands are so heavily processed that the final product barely resembles natural coconut water.


Yubbi The Real Awesome Beverage



The season of love is almost here .

Its Valentines Day .I believe the most awesome way to indulge in this season is with Yubbi Tender Coconut Water , most mouth watering beverage.

Totally inspired by the opposites attract theory when it comes to love Managing Director Mr.Pankaj Salunke and his team has blended the taste of real coconut water in their Yubbi bottles , also these bottles are light and easy to carry , to make the taste a tuely delightful love experience.

Our Yubbi Tender Coconut Water 100% natural and a perfect replica in taste of the green tender coconut water.

Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions.

What is Yubbi?

Yubbi is 100% natural tender coconut water.

How much does it cost?

It costs Rs.50/- per bottle.

What is Yubbi’s promise?

It promises better health , digestion , rehydration several skin and hair benefits.

What is it actually like ?

My first run –in the coconut water was when my best friend thrusted one Yubbi tender coconut water bottle in my hand and asked me to taste it after a marathon race. I was feeling drenched and dehydrated. This slightly sweet Yubbi taste kept me hydrated all day .

Is the expense worth the cost?

With the middle class guilt we always wonder if health benefits are worth the price . But the moment you learn what the stuff feels like and how it benefits one health along with a great taste.Believe me its a genuine breakthrough .

Probably I will answer a yes for its worth the price. You can now order it on BigBasket , Amazon , ShopClues , etc. You can also contact on 779 885 4747.

8 Reasons for impressive healthy hair with Yubbi Tender Coconut Water.



Yubbi tender coconut water is the most refreshing and naturally soothing drink. There are innumerable benefits attached with Yubbi tender coconut water where hair is concerned. Regular consumption of Yubbi tender coconut water will definetly give you healthy and voluminous hair.
Here are the benefits of drinking Yubbi tender coconut water for your hair.

1.Drinking Yubbi tender coconut waters naturally hydrating properties helps to strengthen the roots of the hair.

2. Tender coconut water helps in improving blood circulation to the hair follicles.

3.Infections and itchiness caused by dandruff can hinder the growth of your hair. Tender coconut water has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that helps in preventing dandruff.

4.Tender coconut water is full of vital nutrients ,. Minerals that helps in keeping your hair healthy.

5. Tender coconut water has calciums and proteins , and will therefore help in the growth process.

6. If you are suffering from hair loss , then consumption of Yubbi tender coconut water improves blood circulation in the scalp thus strengthening the roots of your hair increasing its density.

7. Tender coconut water is filled with Vitamin K and iron. In ample amounts that help in keeping your hair shiny and feeling so soft.

8. The lauric acid present in Yubbi tender coconut water protects the roots of the hair and also sheilds and protects your hair.With the roots of your hair protected the hair breakage will reduce.

Surely try Yubbi’s tender coconut water as it will do wonders to your otherwise lifeless hair.

Stand Up India, Startup India, Drink Tender Coconut Water India!




Narendra Modi’s message to India…..

When we drink aerated drink, this not only damages the Indian health standards but also financial cash flow goes out of our country.

Tender coconut water is considered a health drink. And now, a recent survey conducted by Coconut Development Board has showed that it scores over aerated and non-aerated beverages on several aspects.

We suggest you to drink sugarcane juice or tender coconut or fresh juices and help our farmers.

None of our farmers will commit suicide henceforth.

When we consume fresh juices it will in turn give income to one crore people for their living.

Buy and Consume Indian Drinks and make our country healthy and strong.



Happy Thanksgiving Day


Snoopy (the dog): Why Yubbi’s coconut water ? Why not drink any other sports drink or plain water?
Thomas (the man): “The impact of rehydration is better in Yubbi’s coconut water than plain water due to its composition of carbohydrates , electrolytes and fluid ,this is shown in some case studies I have read”.
Snoopy : “And what about other sports drink?”
Thomas : “ Yubbi’s tender coconut water is better than other sports drink as it provides naturally occuring fluid , electrolytes and carbohydrates with less sugar , artificial flavour and color compared to commercially prepared carbohydrates electrolyte sports drink”.
Snoopy : “ Wow , Yubbi . Ok Thomas can you tell us more about Yubbi tender coconut waters benifits “.
Thomas : “ Sure , Snoopy . Yubbi’s tender coconut water also resolves upset stomach . An upset stomach results from indigestion. Whatever the reason for upset stomach , the lining of stomach is infamed which causes nausea , bloating , uneasy feeling and loss of appetite. Yubbi’s tender coconut water works in a variety of ways to soothe stomach lining. An infamed stomach cannot absorb water and sugars from food . It is often accompanied by loss of essential minerals such as sodium , potassium , calcium and magnesium .
Coconut water contains tannins which are known to reduce inflammation.”

Tips to get a good complexion naturally using Yubbi’s tender coconut water.


Apart from a gamut of health benefits , Yubbi’s coconut water has a host of qualities for boosting your beauty.

I am writing one of the time tested beauty benifits of Yubbi’s tender coconut water for glowing your complexion.

Skin Whitening mask with Yubbi’s tender coconut water

Make a paste of ½ tsp sandalwood , ½ tsp turmeric powder , ½  tsp cucumber juice ,  ½ tsp raw milk , 1 spoon Yubbi’s tender coconut water( add more yubbi’s coconut water if required for proper consistency of the paste) . Apply it on face and neck , after the mask dries , dampen the mask again by applying yubbi’s coconut water.

Then rub gently to remove the mask.

Apply daily for optimum results.

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