Hangover Cure with Tender Coconut Water


“Sunday morning I’m waking up
Can’t even focus on a coffee cup
Don’t even know who’s bed I’m in”

Everyone has a preferred method for treating a hangover — Gatorade, greasy food, a Bloody Mary — but in my experience, none of these work particularly well. So when a bartender recently recommended that I try coconut water as a morning-after remedy, I was skeptical. However, since I’d been drinking everything else my girlfriend put in front of me, I figured I’d give it a shot.

To my surprise, the little juice bottle worked (Yubbi) seemed to work. I didn’t like the sweet taste at first, but I felt noticeably better within an hour.

Coconut water, which is extracted from fruit too young, is low in calories and has no fat and a lot less sugar than most juices. But its most important attribute, at least among barflies, is that it is an excellent rehydrater.