World conservation day



India on conserving coconuts
The coconut palm is said to be one of the five legendary Devarikshas and is eulogised as Kalpavriksh which means the giving tree.
The coconut palm is a versatile tree and no other tree can match its versilatity.
In India coconuts is mainly cultivated in Tamil Nadu , Kerala , Andra Pradesh , Orrisa , West Bengal , Pondicherry , Maharashtra and islands of Lakshwadeep. Oflate coconut cultivation in suitable locations of non-traditional states including Assam , Gujrat , Madhya Pradesh , Rajesthan , Bihar , Tripura , Manipur , Arunachal Pradesh and in hinterland regions of the coconut growing states .
The emphasis given by the coconut Development Board to evolving technologies for the development of new value added product has yielded results and this products diversification and by product utilisation has recently gained momentum.
Various research programmes sponsored by the board through the exsisting research institutions in the country have lead to development of new technologies for manufacture of preserved and packed coconut water and coconut water based vinegar , etc. Commercial production has started in various parts of the country with technologies developed so far.
The research on coconut in India is carried out by institutions under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and state agricultural universities located in different coconut growing states.
Research on post harvest , processing of coconuts is also undertaken by institutions under CSIR . The board has a programme to sponsor research on post harvest processing of coconut through such research institutes.