International Children’s Day



There was a little girl named Radha , who lived with her father Ramu in a village with beautiful coconut grooves.
Ramu was a fisherman , every morning he used to catch fishes from a small lake in the village.
Once while Ramu was catching fishes in heaps , Radha wondered and asked her father worriedly . “Pappa Pappa one day this lake will not have fishes any more .Don’t catch fishes”.
That night when Ramu went to sleep he had a dream , that the lake did not have any more fishes. When he woke up tears rolled out of his eyes .He sat in a corner silently thinking of how he would run his living without fishing.
Then he saw Radha pouring tender coconut water in a bottle , from the coconuts under the coconut tree which she had collected.
Ramu got an idea . He asked Radha instead of selling fishes , they could sell coconut water. Radha promptly agreed and offered to help in selling coconut water . She further suggested her father to sell coconut water in bottles instead of coconut shells as it would be easy for everyone to carry.
Ramu agreed to Radha suggestion , they also named the tender coconut water bottles Yubbi.
When they started selling Yubbi’s coconut water , they got a very good response from the market . Ramu and Radha were very happy with their business and continued it ever after….

The Story of Witty woodpecker helping villagers

Story of woodpecker and Tender Coconut Water

Once upon a time there lived a woodpecker named Downy in a village near Kerala.Downys drumming on trees , was really annoying creating a nuisance to the entire village , tired of the woodpeckers noise , villagers started calling the woodpecker a Jackhammer with feathers .

The villagers wanted to get rid of the woodpecker due to its loud noise constantly irritating and harassing the villagers , so they complained to the village panchayat , who in turn told the woodpecker to vacate the village.
Downy , then vacated the village and started staying on a coconut tree. Once when Downy , was flying across the village , he saw a girl fruitlessly trying to fetch water from a tap. On asking the small girl , she said there was drought and scarcity of water in the village .

Downy talked to the village panchayat , and took the entire village near the coastal region of Kerala where there were many coconut trees , Downy feed the villagers with coconut water , making a cavity in the coconuts with its beak.
The villagers felt relieved with the woodpeckers brilliant idea and called the woodpecker back to stay in their village.
The villagers loved the taste of the tender coconut water . One of the villagers started putting the tender coconut water in a bottle and named it Yubbi .

Soon Yubbi was popular and these bottles started spreading across India .