Yubbi’s Coconut Water Pudding

1 One bottle Yubbi’s tender coconut water
2.Condensed Milk -1/2 tin
3. Thick coconut milk
4. Grinded sugar 2-tsp
5. Gelatine- 2tsp
1 Pour one bottle of Yubbi’s tender coconut water in a bowl

2 Add sugar and dissolve
3.take a little warm water and melt gelatine on gas or stove , then pour the same in the tender coconut water – sugar mixture.
4. Keep this mixture in refrigerator and set.
5. Mix together condensed milk and coconut milk.
6.Keep in refridgerator to chill.
After the pudding mix is set cut the pudding into small pieces.
You can garnish it with small pieces of kajju or with strips of tender coconut flesh(malai).

Note: The quantity of gelatine should vary with amount of coconut water to get soft jelly.
The thickness and sweetness of sauce can vary according to one’s need with the amount of coconut milk and milkmaid.

An idea powered by passion


Economic Time Power of Ideas Yubbi Tender Coconut Water

The Economic times is hosting a program called Power of Ideas in association with Jio , The Department of Science and Technology(DST) , Government of India and Centre for Innovation , Incubation and Entrepreneurship(CIIE) and IIM-Ahmedabad.

In this program approximately 16,000 applications were received by the Economic Times Power Of Ideas.
There are 4 rounds from which 520 applicants are selected for the first round. (Only first shortlist is out).

Tejkansh Agro was shortlisted for their brilliant Idea and Business Plan.

They propose to solve the following problems:

a. High quality packaged tender coconut water will be provided making it available across the clock , in home as well as office.
b. Greater shelf life .
c. Recyclable Packaging .
d. Taste will be natural and full of nutrition.


Yubbis tender coconut waters healthy way


Why not naturally cure someone you love?
Pneumonia is a serious disease, care must be taken to ensure recovery happens.
If you suffer from pneumonia you need to be screened for food allergies and sensitivities and then avoid eating those foods that you are allergic and sensitive to.
At meal times emphasis should be on whole foods, veggie soups and soaked nuts. Along with this entire meal if you try Yubbi’s juice therapy, you’ll get healed faster.
Yubbi’s Juice therapy
Add a spoon of lemon and a pinch of pepper to Yubbi’s tender coconut water just before you drink.
Due to Yubbi’s tender coconut waters chemical composition it is absorbed through intestinal wall more quickly than plain water bringing about a faster recovery.

Dassera special – Cook Yubbi’s tasty coconut burfi and serve love



This tender coconut water burfi looks hard , but its soft .This burfi will melt in your mouth and touch your heart. My Kids all time favourite ,she has it to her hearts content , I just love making it.
You can also try the same in 5 easy steps listed below:
Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
Makes : 6 burfis
Yubbi’s tender coconut water
Coco powder (unsweetened) – 1 tsp
Milk powder – ¼ cup (should be of a good brand for a better taste)
Melted ghee – 2tsp plus for greasing
Sugar – 1/3 cup
Pistachios/nut – 6-8 finely chopped (for garnish )
1.Mix milk powder and coco powder stir evenly in a bowl and keep aside.
2. Now take a pan add sugar and Yubbi’s tender coconut water , stir well till sugar dissolves and reaches single string consistency
3. Then add mixture of milk coco powder previously kept in bowl , after a few seconds the mixture becomes thick , if you feel a good consistency is reached , you are on the right track
4.Now transfer mixture in a greased tray/plate , level it with spoon / stapula . Then garnish will pistachios/any nuts of your choice.
5.Cut in squares/diamonds while the mix is warm.
Note: Keeps well for 4- 5 days after that refrigerate.

World Coconut Day-2015

The World Coconut Day-2015, themed ‘Coconut for Family Nutrition, Health and Wellness’, will be celebrated World Wide on September 2.

So how does the 21st century human enjoy coconut water benefits?

Coconut Water: If you are thirsty, choose a young coconut, as they have more water than mature coconuts. You can tell by weighing it in your hand; the heavier it is, the more water content it has. Young coconuts (‘tenders’) contain anywhere from 250 to 1000ml (1 to 4 cups) of coconut water (liquid endosperm)! As coconuts mature, the water content lessens and the endosperm eventually becomes thick and hard. The water may develop a slightly bitter taste. It is best to drink coconuts immediately after opening them, as the nutritional value drops drastically upon contact with oxygen. If you leave coconut water in the fridge, it will start to develop a sour taste over a couple days.


World Coconut Day is all about coconuts. It’s a celebration for those with coconut-know how and hopefully enlightening to those yet to discover this magical fruit (not nut!). Please take this opportunity to consider coconuts for a second – with the knowledge that other people around the world are doing the same. Established in 2009, World Coconut Day is still in it’s infancy – site functionality, information and resources will tweaked in the coming months.

Have a lovely day!