Yubbi Tender Coconut Water – The Jungle Trouble


Once during trekking a girl named Reema was lost and separated from her friends in a jungle.

Then Reema met a Hare and a woodpecker and asked these animals for water as she was very much in stress decided to help her since she was thirsty.

Firstly the animals thought that Reema was a threat to their lives, but as she did not show any signs of hurting them as she was in distress.

The Hare and the woodpecker took her quickly to a nearby lake. On reaching there Reema said the water in the lake was not meant for drinking, it was then the hare pointed out to a coconut tree . The woodpecker with his sharp beck dropped the green tender coconuts from the coconut tree.

The woodpecker also made a cavity in each of the green coconuts fallen from the coconut tree.

Reema could not carry these heavy coconuts so she decided to refill her empty bottle of water with tender coconut water and also named the bottle Yubbi. Then she had Yubbi’s tender coconut water. She found it tasty and refreshing, not only her thirst was satiated but also she felt her stomach full. She just loved Yubbi’s Tender Coconut Water. The Hare then explained Reema   that the tender coconut water is also good for weight loss as helps in boosting metabolism of the body. When the metabolism is slow, the body has the tendency to gain more weight. This liquid accelerates the process and improves the digestive capacity of an individual.

Tender coconut water is low in carbohydrates and sodium and rich in potassium, which is not exactly what you need when exercising rigorously.  It works to keep your body hydrated.

Reema was surprised with a host of benefits Yubbi Tender coconut water offered.

Reema also had some pimples on her face that were itching and irritating her, the Hare saw Reema scratching her skin and added that tender coconut water has healing antimicrobial, antiviral antifungal properties that can help in keeping skin safe from infections , its rich antioxidants remove free radicals that damage the skin. Also tender coconut acts as a natural lightening agent and evens out the patchiness on the skin.

After hearing what the Hare had to say about the tender coconut water, Reema decided not only drink it every day but also apply it on her skin as well.

Soon she saw a temple other and decided to visit she asked the hare and woodpecker to accompany her.

They promptly agreed. Soon Reema met other trekking friends there .Reema was very happy to have met her lost peers. Reema offered them Yubbi’s tender coconut water. After tasting Yubbi all of them decided to refill their bottles.  Certainly the woodpecker helped them in plucking the green coconuts, and making a cavity in each of the tender coconuts.  One of them played the guitar and all of them enjoyed the tasty tender coconut water hearing the sweet music of the guitar. The whole group refilled their bottles. All of them loved the taste of Yubbi‘s tender coconut water and enjoyed thoroughly.  It not only quenched their thirst but also satiated their hunger. Reema also narrated the benefits of tender coconut water what the Hare had previously explained to her. This led everyone in the group amazed and they decided to use this liquid daily for its awesome benefits.

Everyone thanked the hare and the woodpecker for helping them with the tender coconut water and bid them goodbye.

Yubbi’s stomach fat burner receipe

1. 2 white onions
2. 1-2 garlic cloves
3. 2-4 crushed pepper seeds
4. 1 0r 2 cans of tomatoes ( diced / whole)
5. 1 container mushrooms
6. 1 bunch of celery
7. Half head of cabbage
8. 1 bottle of Yubbi Tender Coconut Water

Directions :
1 slice or dice onions with garlic . Put it in a large pot and grind
2 Take outer layers off the cabbage , cut into bite size pieces , add to the pot.
3 Cut mushrooms , carrots , celery into bite size pieces and toss them in.
4. Add tomatoes and crushed pepper .
5.Use about 8 cups of water and one bottle of Yubbi Tender Coconut Water . Let the soup simmer for 1 hour or until vegetables are tender.

World Asthma Day


Patients of asthma and allergies are all too familiar with doctor offices , doses of steroids , antibiotics reduce , allergy medications and sometimes even dreaded emergency room visits.
Would’nt it be amazing if there were easy-to-access , inexpensive foods that could help to reduce the severity of allergy symptoms?
There are no magic foods that can ward off asthma and allergies.Research shows that diets rich in some foods can make a difference.
So be sure to avoid foods filled with excess sugar , preservatives , food coloring and addictives as well as fried foods.
Yubbi ‘s tender coconut water does not contain a whole lot of sugar and oil , it is naturally very good for you.
Its a low fat , low calorie and low carbohydrate drink purpodedly has many promoting weight loss , controlling diabetes , it rehydrates and replenishes your electrolytes much better than other sports
Drinks or colas . It contains many good vitamins also.

World conservation day



India on conserving coconuts
The coconut palm is said to be one of the five legendary Devarikshas and is eulogised as Kalpavriksh which means the giving tree.
The coconut palm is a versatile tree and no other tree can match its versilatity.
In India coconuts is mainly cultivated in Tamil Nadu , Kerala , Andra Pradesh , Orrisa , West Bengal , Pondicherry , Maharashtra and islands of Lakshwadeep. Oflate coconut cultivation in suitable locations of non-traditional states including Assam , Gujrat , Madhya Pradesh , Rajesthan , Bihar , Tripura , Manipur , Arunachal Pradesh and in hinterland regions of the coconut growing states .
The emphasis given by the coconut Development Board to evolving technologies for the development of new value added product has yielded results and this products diversification and by product utilisation has recently gained momentum.
Various research programmes sponsored by the board through the exsisting research institutions in the country have lead to development of new technologies for manufacture of preserved and packed coconut water and coconut water based vinegar , etc. Commercial production has started in various parts of the country with technologies developed so far.
The research on coconut in India is carried out by institutions under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and state agricultural universities located in different coconut growing states.
Research on post harvest , processing of coconuts is also undertaken by institutions under CSIR . The board has a programme to sponsor research on post harvest processing of coconut through such research institutes.

Happy Thanksgiving Day


Snoopy (the dog): Why Yubbi’s coconut water ? Why not drink any other sports drink or plain water?
Thomas (the man): “The impact of rehydration is better in Yubbi’s coconut water than plain water due to its composition of carbohydrates , electrolytes and fluid ,this is shown in some case studies I have read”.
Snoopy : “And what about other sports drink?”
Thomas : “ Yubbi’s tender coconut water is better than other sports drink as it provides naturally occuring fluid , electrolytes and carbohydrates with less sugar , artificial flavour and color compared to commercially prepared carbohydrates electrolyte sports drink”.
Snoopy : “ Wow , Yubbi . Ok Thomas can you tell us more about Yubbi tender coconut waters benifits “.
Thomas : “ Sure , Snoopy . Yubbi’s tender coconut water also resolves upset stomach . An upset stomach results from indigestion. Whatever the reason for upset stomach , the lining of stomach is infamed which causes nausea , bloating , uneasy feeling and loss of appetite. Yubbi’s tender coconut water works in a variety of ways to soothe stomach lining. An infamed stomach cannot absorb water and sugars from food . It is often accompanied by loss of essential minerals such as sodium , potassium , calcium and magnesium .
Coconut water contains tannins which are known to reduce inflammation.”

International Children’s Day



There was a little girl named Radha , who lived with her father Ramu in a village with beautiful coconut grooves.
Ramu was a fisherman , every morning he used to catch fishes from a small lake in the village.
Once while Ramu was catching fishes in heaps , Radha wondered and asked her father worriedly . “Pappa Pappa one day this lake will not have fishes any more .Don’t catch fishes”.
That night when Ramu went to sleep he had a dream , that the lake did not have any more fishes. When he woke up tears rolled out of his eyes .He sat in a corner silently thinking of how he would run his living without fishing.
Then he saw Radha pouring tender coconut water in a bottle , from the coconuts under the coconut tree which she had collected.
Ramu got an idea . He asked Radha instead of selling fishes , they could sell coconut water. Radha promptly agreed and offered to help in selling coconut water . She further suggested her father to sell coconut water in bottles instead of coconut shells as it would be easy for everyone to carry.
Ramu agreed to Radha suggestion , they also named the tender coconut water bottles Yubbi.
When they started selling Yubbi’s coconut water , they got a very good response from the market . Ramu and Radha were very happy with their business and continued it ever after….