The breakfast story of Yubbi tender coconut water


Once the mother asked her son as to why he was looking so tired.
The son replied , “Yes mom, I woke up late , so I had to skip breakfast today.”
Mom said “ Did you know what happens when you don’t have the breakfast ? You may have less energy , you may feel tired , you may miss out on important nutrients and may even end up overeating .”
The son asked “Mom what should I do now?”
Mom replied “ Yesterday I ordered Yubbi Tender coconut water online for you to have for breakfast “
Son asked “ Mom , Why Yubbi tender coconut water ?”
Mom replied “ Yubbi tender coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage filled with immune boosting vitamins and nutrients 100% natural completely free of chemicals. It is found that regular consumption of Yubbi tender coconut water especially in the morning empty stomach can naturally improve immunity , increase metabolism and detoxify the body. Consistent consumption of Yubbi tender coconut water can help regulate intestinal function which is known to provide a wide variety of health benefits including a clearer complexion . Yubbi tender coconut water also contains monolaurin which acts as an antiviral monoglyceride which has ability to kill variety of viruses and bacteria in the body. Yubbi tender coconut water provides 15 times the electrolytes than most sports drinks and promotes hydration by stimulating plasma which contributes to 55% of the human blood.
Always remember child a balanced breakfast gives you energy to kickstart a day giving you more energy inturn helping you to feed your dreams .”
The son replied , “ Wow , I will drink Yubbi Tender coconut water in breakfast everday. Its awesome in taste also .”

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