Tips to get a good complexion naturally using Yubbi’s tender coconut water.


Apart from a gamut of health benefits , Yubbi’s coconut water has a host of qualities for boosting your beauty.

I am writing one of the time tested beauty benifits of Yubbi’s tender coconut water for glowing your complexion.

Skin Whitening mask with Yubbi’s tender coconut water

Make a paste of ½ tsp sandalwood , ½ tsp turmeric powder , ½  tsp cucumber juice ,  ½ tsp raw milk , 1 spoon Yubbi’s tender coconut water( add more yubbi’s coconut water if required for proper consistency of the paste) . Apply it on face and neck , after the mask dries , dampen the mask again by applying yubbi’s coconut water.

Then rub gently to remove the mask.

Apply daily for optimum results.

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