Yubbi The Real Awesome Beverage



The season of love is almost here .

Its Valentines Day .I believe the most awesome way to indulge in this season is with Yubbi Tender Coconut Water , most mouth watering beverage.

Totally inspired by the opposites attract theory when it comes to love Managing Director Mr.Pankaj Salunke and his team has blended the taste of real coconut water in their Yubbi bottles , also these bottles are light and easy to carry , to make the taste a tuely delightful love experience.

Our Yubbi Tender Coconut Water 100% natural and a perfect replica in taste of the green tender coconut water.

Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions.

What is Yubbi?

Yubbi is 100% natural tender coconut water.

How much does it cost?

It costs Rs.50/- per bottle.

What is Yubbi’s promise?

It promises better health , digestion , rehydration several skin and hair benefits.

What is it actually like ?

My first run –in the coconut water was when my best friend thrusted one Yubbi tender coconut water bottle in my hand and asked me to taste it after a marathon race. I was feeling drenched and dehydrated. This slightly sweet Yubbi taste kept me hydrated all day .

Is the expense worth the cost?

With the middle class guilt we always wonder if health benefits are worth the price . But the moment you learn what the stuff feels like and how it benefits one health along with a great taste.Believe me its a genuine breakthrough .

Probably I will answer a yes for its worth the price. You can now order it on BigBasket , Amazon , ShopClues , etc. You can also contact on 779 885 4747.

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