How do you pronounce Yubbi and what does Yubbi mean?

“U - Beeeee” YUBBI is Your Ultimate Balanced Beverage Intake (Yubbi in Manipuri Language means coconut.)

What is Yubbi’s Shelf Life?

The shelf life of Yubbi is 6 months.

Does it contain sugar, if so which kind?

Yes, only the fruits own natural sugar. No Added Sugar.

Is Yubbi made from concentrate?

“No”, Yubbi is not made from concentrate. It is pure Natural fresh tender coconut water.

Where do our coconuts come from?

India ! Overtime nature has perfected the Indian coconut, gifting it with sweetest, purest tasting, most electrolyte infused water of any kind of coconut.

How is Yubbi Fat & Cholesterol Free?

Our coconut water doesn’t contain the fat of coconut milk because Yubbi coconut water comes from young coconuts before they develop the white meat that contains the fat & cholesterol in mature coconut.

Why is potassium good for me?

Potassium not only aides in stopping & preventing muscle cramps, it also helps you recover more quickly from the stresses of daily life.

Is the Yubbi bottle recyclable?

Yes, the Yubbi bottle is made from PP inclusive cap, which is 100% recyclable.

Why is Yubbi Tender coconut water so expensive?

Yubbi Tender Coconut Water is not comparable with other packed Fruit Juice & Beverages as other beverages are from concentrates while Yubbi coconut water is in purest form. The quality maintenance further contributes to higher costs in both production and processing. We are of the opinion that Yubbi is well worth for it.

Is Yubbi a certified Drink?

Yes, Yubbi is a certified drink by FSSAI Standards and technology certification by Defense Food Research Laboratory.