Yubbi Rehydration

You don’t have to be a sports athlete to be dehydrated. You don’t even have to be physically active. We all are dehydrated to some degree at various times.

Yubbi Tender Coconut Water is diuretic.

Yubbi Tender Coconut Water can both hydrate and hold the body’s electrolyte balance in place and simultaneously flush out any truly excess fluids, free radicals and body toxins.

That’s smart hydration.

Yubbi gives Instant Energy

Drink Yubbi tender coconut water, your tasty energizer cause it is naturally sweet and fat free – no added sugar or flavors, just naturally packed goodness.

Yubbi tender coconut water’s re-hydrating property helps a person in regaining the energy and thereby coping with the calorie depletion.

It is living energy

Yubbi for Body, Mind & Spirit

Yubbi Tender Coconut Water enhances your emotional status and elevates your mental stability. Yubbi enables nerves and muscles to function properly and regulates fluid levels within the cells.

Yubbi is the most natural way to increase energy, vigor and performance. Yubbi Coconut water has less sugar and sodium, has high content of potassium, calcium and chloride.

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit