Drink Yubbi & Be Young

Stories of the fountain of youth have been told since the time of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC). Legend has it that drinking the water from the fountain stores youth, cures diseases and prolongs Life.
Yubbi Coconut water is your fountain of youth which keeps you young. It can nourish the body and in many cases restore health, which in itself can be considered a youth-enhancing effect. The presence of miracle ingredients in coconut water like coconut cytokinins which are similar to cytokines present in human body helps in being young and alive. It has significant anti-ageing and anti-carcinogenic properties which helps to minimize skin aging and keeps the connective tissue hydrated and strong.

Be Young, Beautiful & Bold

Get stress free with Yubbi coconut water

Yubbi has the ability to improve the blood circulation, widen the blood vessels which get restricted due to the formation of plaque within them and helps the blood to flow smoothly through them.

Yubbi Tender Coconut water comes as a great aid in lowering blood pressure. Yubbi also helps in recovering fatigue and nervousness, cooling benefits of coconut water can further help revive your stress.

Replenish your Life.

Yubbi is All Natural

Yubbi tender coconut water is “not from concentrate” it is pure tender coconut water.
Yubbi is manufactured with minimal processing which preserves the taste and nutrition of tender coconut water.

  • No Colors Added
  • Not from Concentrate
  • Packed at source
  • No Flavors Added
  • No Fats & Cholesterol
  • No Sugar Added

Ya it’s true, it is all natural !